Community Standards of WLStories

WLStories is a body positive non profit support community. We are not a private community. We invite anyone and everyone to join / participate or simply view our community. Everyone can participate as much or as little as they like. (However it is strongly encouraged to show your support and spread the love to everyone in the community!)

The community standards were created to keep the community safe, supportive and body positive.

  • No advertising of any kind.
  • No selling of any products / services of any kind.
  • No harassment / bullying of any kind! Be 100% body positive only.

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  • No questioning or doubting someone’s story / photos. We are a support group. It is our job to be supportive. Questioning someone’s story or photos might seem innocent enough and while your intention might not be hurtful your actions CAN be hurtful. This usually happens when we post someone who has tattoos and submitted a transformation photo that included a mirror selfie. Please understand the basic concept of a mirror image.


Featured Requirements: 

We ask everyone we feature to follow the follow:

  • Post our page back. (Since we don’t charge to post this is the least you can do to show commitment to the community.)
  • Have an account that is at least 30 days old. (This prevents people setting up fake accounts to try to sell followers.)
  • Have a public account or be willing to make your account public for at least 3 days after we post.
  • Follow us on social media / be a part of our community.
  • Answer any and all questions from the community and be as supportive as possible and generally be an ambassador for the online fitness community. We don’t offer “shout outs” this is a support group. We are all here to help each other not gain followers.